Brandy Austin Law Firm PLLC
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Who is the Best Trust Lawyer in Dallas, TX

At Brandy Austin Law Firm we have created an atmosphere for our clients that ensures they are our number one priority so that you will no longer after have to ask “who is the best trust lawyer in Dallas, TX?”. In order to do this we want the support staff to be top notch. Support for the clients and the attorneys starts up front with our attorney liaison. The attorney liaison assists with the intake process and being the potential new clients first point of contact. We want every experience to be a good one so our attorney liaisons create an inviting and warm environment for the attorneys and clients. The attorney liaison position is important so that we are able to properly set up consults and meetings for clients but also so there is always a familiar face. Next, are the legal assistants and paralegals. These two are essential as they are the right hand to the attorney and provide assistance in drafting legal documents as well as helping to investigate cases. Paralegals are a main point of contact for clients when needing to talk to someone about their case and they are always working hard behind the scenes to ensure the attorney completes their tasks on time. Our legal assistants help with the investigation process and sometimes in negotiating settlements with supervision from the attorneys. All of these positions play an important role in keeping our clients satisfied as well as providing support to the attorney so that they can focus on all of the larger issues in a case. Our attorneys fight hard every day for our clients and it’s important that our entire staff works together to provide a safety net for the attorney as well as the client. The attorneys represent our clients in court and fight hard behind the scenes with opposing parties. Being a general practice law firm we have multiple departments and attorneys so the managing attorney helps and assists with each department to ensure structure and flow for our clients and team. Next to our managing attorney is our admin assistant. The admin assistant keeps the show running by assisting with marketing, organization, planning, and scheduling. Our admin assistant helps the managing attorney with operations and marketing so that our name gets out there and people know we are here to help. Running a firm is not an easy task and being an attorney can be stressful but with the right people behind us there is nothing we can’t do.