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Family Law Lawyer Arlington, TX

Here at Brandy Austin Law Firm your initial consultation is complimentary but before coming to your consultation there might be a few things you need to provide us. Depending on the type of case you have it might be beneficial to bring in certain documents or provide some sort of evidence. The first step is to call us and speak with a family law lawyer Arlington, TX relies on from our firm so that they can get a brief description of your case and gather information for the attorneys and paralegals who will perform the actual consultation. The next step is to set an appointment and fill out our intake form which will be sent to you through email from our attorney liaison. Filling out this form is crucial to providing information prior to your consultation but sometimes a little more information is needed. For example, if you have recently been in a motor vehicle accident you most likely will be asked to provide pictures, a police report, as well as, insurance information for both you and the opposing party. This will assist the attorney and paralegal in their investigation process. If you have a family law case it might be beneficial to bring any previous documents you have or evidence so that the attorneys can guide you in what direction your case may go and the cost. If you want to set up a will or trust the attorneys and paralegals will need information on assets, family members, and who you want assets to go to. It’s important to provide any information that you believe will assist the attorney in understanding your case, what you are wanting, and if there might be some difficult issues involved. Most of the time when someone is coming to an attorney’s office it is due to some sort of difficulty in their life and we want nothing more than to provide you with an easy process that is comfortable and not quite as intimidating as attorneys’ offices may seem. During your intake process you may be asked upfront to provide certain things or bring in certain documents for your consultation so that we are able to provide you with remarkable representation. If you are not asked to bring anything in during the intake process but you believe you have something that might provide the attorney with important information then bring it in. We want to help you as much as we can and with additional information we are able to ease some of your anxiety about not only your case but also your anxiety about visiting a law firm. Your consultation is a chance for the attorney to hear you out and provide you with the best possible options for your situation so don’t be nervous to ask questions.