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Can a Speeding Ticket Cause You to Lose Your Driver’s License?

While getting your first speeding ticket is likely not going to result in you losing your driver’s license, there are circumstances that can cause it to be suspended. Understanding your state’s driving laws and the point system is important to ensure you keep your license and your auto insurance rates at a reasonable level.

Earning points on your license is something you want to avoid. Unfortunately, everyone ends up being pulled over at some point and getting a ticket for speeding or another minor traffic violation. Keep in mind that not all states use the point system to keep track of bad driving habits or the accumulation of traffic violations. Some states simply monitor your record and then make the decision of whether to suspend it or not. For example, some states will give you a 30-day suspension after you have received a certain number of violations or have been involved in a certain number of accidents within a given period of time.

Point Systems

If you live in one of the many states that do use a point system, generally the more serious your violation is, the more points you will earn. Then, each state gives you a maximum number you can carry on your license before enduring more serious consequences.

As time goes by, old points are removed from your record. Less serious violations may stay there for up to two or three years, whereas more serious offenses such as at-fault accidents and DUIs could be there for 10 years.

Insurance Rates

Insurance companies base your rates on a number of factors, and one major one is your driving record. The more points you earn, the higher your rates will be. Moving violations tend to cause the largest rate hikes, especially things like reckless driving, speeding, DUIs and accidents which are your fault and caused injuries or property damage to the other party.

Texting while driving is never a safe idea, but if you happen to be caught in the act and it is considered a moving violation in your state, you could be looking at some additional points on your record and a potential increase in car insurance rates.

License Suspension

There are a few options you might have to reduce your insurance rates at the very least. Consider looking around for cheaper options, asking your agent if you are taking advantage of every discount available or signing up for a policy that has “accident forgiveness”. Sometimes you can take a defensive driving class to prevent a violation from showing up on your record. If you are facing a suspended license and you think it is not a fair penalty, speak with an experienced Wythe County speeding ticket lawyer to understand your state laws and examine your best options.

Thanks to The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt for their insight into traffic law and speeding tickets.