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Paying Medical Bills When the Accident Was Someone Else’s Fault

Many car wrecks cause injuries that require the services of a hospital or medical facility. However, these medical bills can be quite expensive and take a toll on a person’s budget. This can be extremely frustrating when the accident was not your fault, yet you still have the hospital bills in your mailbox. If you find yourself in this situation and do not know how you will cover the costs, consider contacting the hospital about your situation and hiring an attorney to fight for the reparations that you deserve.


Contact an Attorney

A personal injury attorney, like a personal injury attorney in Washington, DC, can be a great resource for helping you recover what was lost in the accident. People usually immediately think of replacing or repairing the vehicle involved in the accident, but medical bills can be a great source of loss as well. For those trying to cover hefty medical expenses, a successful settlement can be invaluable for financial security. A person should not have to borrow a lot of money and go into debt over an accident that was no fault of his or her own.


Negotiate with the Hospital

Typically hospital bills do not accumulate interest, so there is some room to pay the bill a little at a time while you wait for a settlement to be reached. You can contact a financial coordinator at the hospital and explain the situation, and he or she may be able to offer guidance on how to manage the bills. 


Sometimes you can negotiate a payment plan with the hospital. This might be that you receive a certain discount for paying your entire bill upfront, or you can try to reach a monthly payment agreement. In this way, you can limit the chance of putting yourself in deep dept trying to pay off an expensive bill. Most hospitals and medical facilities will be understanding about your situation as you wait for funds to come through from your court case.


Being the victim of a car accident can be frustrating in many aspects, but there are ways for you to take back control of the situation. If you find yourself in over your head with medical expenses after a car wreck, do not be afraid to contact an attorney to help recover losses. In this way, you can keep yourself from going under financially. With a few smart decisions after the accident, you can be on the road to getting the restitution that you deserve and on the road to financial freedom.


Thanks to The Lawfirm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. for their insight into paying medical bills when you were in an accident due to someone else’s negligence.