DWI Arlington TX

DWI Arlington TXIf you’ve been arrested or charged with driving while intoxicated, you may want to retain a DWI lawyer Arlington TX drivers can count on. Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC provides 24/7 legal consultations to individuals who have been arrested, charged, or are facing charges after being accused of a DWI. Such offenses can carry harsh penalties and long term repercussions for years following the incident. Our lawyers understand the issues as well as the intricacies associated with defending those charged with DWIs. During a free consultation, we may discuss your available options and help you make arrangements to protect your freedom and rights.

Steps to Take After Being Arrested or Charged with a DWI

The initial process of being charged with a DWI could be overwhelming and very upsetting. Although you may be fueled by a wealth of emotions, make your best effort to stay calm and collected. During the arrest, or while at the police station, you may be pressured into pleading guilty or admitting to things that are not true and accurate.  Although you can make a statement, it may be recommended to exercise your right to remain silent until you speak with an Arlington TX DWI lawyer.

If by chance you have not enacted this right, and have discussed your case with law enforcement, a skilled DWI lawyer Arlington TX has to offer may still be able to assist in the continuation of your case. No matter where your case stands, a lawyer might investigate your charges and make an educated decision on whether or not your rights have been violated.  Ultimately, may be advisable to retain a DWI lawyer in Arlington TX as soon as possible, to ensure your case gets an ample amount of attention and preparation time before you must present yourself in front of a judge.

The Potential Impact of a DWI

Driving while intoxicated on drugs or alcohol could lead to immediate and long term repercussions that could affect multiple facets of your life. Stress, worry, or fear may quickly arise after being charged. These emotions could lead you to make irrational decisions or say things you do not necessarily mean. As a result of these momentary lapses, and in addition to the charges, a DWI could lead to:

  • Heavy fines and fees
  • The loss of a driver’s license
  • The inability to work
  • Regular blood, breathalyzer, or urine testing
  • Monthly monitoring fees (i.e., a tether)
  • Court and incarceration costs
  • A rise in insurance premiums
  • Family hardship or loss of relationship

A lawyer is there to represent you and speak on your behalf. Their sound, intuitive thinking and legal experience may act as an advantage during the course of your processing, hearing, or trial. A DWI lawyer Arlington TX offers may also be able to make arrangements through negotiations and pleas to reduce or drop your charges altogether, reducing their potential impact on your life.

Obtaining Legal Support from a DWI Lawyer Arlington TX Drivers Respect

A DWI lawyer Arlington TX counts on for representation does more than just filing your legal documentation. At Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC, we may act as your confidant and advocate on your behalf. When you might not know how to answer complicated legal questions, our lawyers may speak for you and ensure the right things are thoughtfully communicated to the courts.

Seek A Legal Consultation from Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC

A DWI can significantly impact your life now and into the future. Because the legal process surrounding DWIs is often very fast acting, it may be advisable for you to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. To schedule a free consultation with Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC, a DWI lawyer Arlington TX drivers respect, call 800-958-4948.