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Today, Barry’s is on the cusp of continued global expansion with over 100,000 members working out weekly in studios in over a dozen different countries.

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Today, Barry’s is on the cusp of continued global expansion with over 100,000 members working out weekly in studios in over a dozen different countries.


Tarrant County Voter’s Guide – 2020 General Election

When Can I Vote?

Early Voting starts Tuesday, October 13, and runs through Friday, October 30. Election Day is Tuesday, November 3, 2020. See the Tarrant County website for more information about Early Voting and voting on Election Day.

Am I Registered to Vote?

You can check your voter registration status using the Tarrant County Voter Lookup website. The last day to register to vote is October 5, 2020. Go to for more information about registering to vote.

How to Vote

  To vote in person, all you need is one of seven acceptable forms of photo identification:

  1. A Texas Driver’s License
  2. A Texas Election ID Certificate
  3. A Texas Personal ID Card
  4. A Texas Handgun License
  5. A US Citizenship Certificate with Photo
  6. A US Military ID Card with Photo
  7. A US Passport



If you are a registered voter but you don’t have an acceptable form of ID, or if your name does not appear on the list of registered voters, you still have the right to cast a provisional ballot. For more information on voting, go to


How to Vote by Mail

You have the right to request an absentee (mail-in) ballot if you meet one of the following requirements:

  1. You expect to be out of your county of residence for both Early Voting and Election Day.
  2. You have a disability that prevents you from voting in person.
  3. You are 65 years of age or older.
  4. You are confined in jail and not finally convicted of a felony.

If you are a resident of Tarrant County and you meet one of the above requirements, you can request an absentee ballot by printing and filling out an Application for Ballot by Mail. Mail your application to:

Early Voting Clerk

Tarrant County Elections Administration

PO Box 961011

Fort Worth, Texas 76161

The last day to apply for a ballot by mail is October 23, 2020. For more information about voting by mail in Tarrant County, got to the Tarrant County website.

Where to Vote

During Early Voting, Tarrant County residents can vote at any polling location in Tarrant County. If you vote on Election Day, you must go to your specific polling location. Go to the Tarrant County website for a list of Early Voting locations and Election Day polling locations.

How to View Your Sample Ballot

Use the Tarrant County Voter Lookup website to see a sample ballot for your specific voter precinct.

Who is Running?

For a list of candidates in your specific voter precinct, use the Tarrant County Voter Lookup website to see a sample ballot. The following is a list of all candidates running for election in Tarrant County for 2020:

President & Vice President (Four-year terms)

Joseph R. Biden/ Kamala D. Harris – Democratic Party

Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker – Green Party

Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy “Spike” Cohen – Libertarian Party

Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence – Republican Party [Incumbents]

US Senator (Six-year term)

John Cornyn – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Mary “MJ” Hegar – Democratic Party

Kerry Douglas McKennon – Libertarian Party

David B. Collins – Green Party

US Representative (Two-year term)

District 6

Melanie A. Black – Libertarian Party

Stephen Daniel – Democratic Party

Ron Wright – Republican Party [Incumbent]

District 12

Kay Granger – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Trey Holcomb – Libertarian Party

Lisa Welch – Democratic Party

District 24 (Open)

Mark Bauer – Independent

Darren Hamilton – Libertarian Party

Steve Kuzmich – Independent

Candace Valenzuela – Democratic Party

Beth Van Duyne – Republican Party

District 25

Bill Kelsey – Libertarian Party

Julie Oliver – Democratic Party

Roger Williams – Republican Party [Incumbent]

District 26

Mark Boler – Libertarian Party

Michael C. Burgess – Republican [Incumbent]

Carol H. Iannuzzi – Democratic Party

District 33

Carlos Quintanilla – Independent

Jason Reeves – Libertarian Party

Fabian Cordova Vasquez – Republican Party

Marc Veasey – Democratic Party [Incumbent]

Rene Welton – Independent

Statewide (Six-year terms)
Railroad Commissioner

Chrysta Castañeda – Democratic Party

Matt Sterett – Libertarian Party

James “Jim” Wright – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Texas Supreme Court

Chief Justice

Mark Ash – Libertarian Party

Nathan Hecht – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Amy Clark Meachum – Democratic Party

Associate Justice, Place 6

Jane Bland – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Kathy Cheng – Democratic Party

Associate Justice, Place 7

Jeff Boyd – Republican Party [Incumbent]

William Bryan Strange III – Libertarian Party

Staci Williams – Democratic Party

Associate Justice, Place 8

Brett Busby – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Tom Oxford – Libertarian Party

Gisela D. Triana – Democratic Party

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Judge, Place 3

Elizabeth Davis Frizell – Democratic Party

Bert Richardson – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Judge, Place 4

Tina Clinton – Democratic Party

Kevin Patrick Yeary – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Judge, Place 9

Brandon Birmingham – Democratic Party

David Newell – Republican Party [Incumbent]

State Legislature
State Senator (Four-year term)

District 12

Jane Nelson – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Shadi Zitoon – Democratic Party

District 22

Brian Birdwell – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Robert Vick – Democratic Party

State Representative (Two-year term)

District 90

Elva Camacho – Republican Party

Ramón Romero – Democratic Party [Incumbent]

District 91

Stephanie Klick – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Jeromey Sims – Democratic Party

District 92 (Open)

Jeff Cason – Republican Party

Brody Mulligan – Green Party

Jeff Whitfield – Democratic Party

District 93

Lydia Bean – Democratic Party

Matt Krause – Republican Party [Incumbent]

District 94

Jessica Pallett – Libertarian Party

Alisa Simmons – Democratic Party

Tony Tinderholt – Republican Party [Incumbent]

District 95 (Unopposed)

Nicole Collier – Democratic Party [Incumbent]

District 96 (Open)

David Cook – Republican Party

Joe Drago – Democratic Party

Nelson Range – Libertarian Party

District 97

Elizabeth Beck – Democratic Party

Craig Goldman – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Rod Wingo – Libertarian Party

District 98

Giovanni Capriglione – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Debra Edmondson – Democratic Party

District 99 (Unopposed)

Charlie Geren – Republican Party [Incumbent]

District 101 (Unopposed)

Chris Turner – Democratic Party [Incumbent]

2nd District Court of Appeals (Six-year term)

Justice, Place 2 (Unopposed)

Dana Womack – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Justice, Place 6

Mike Wallach – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Delonia A. Watson – Democratic Party

Justice, Place 7 (Open, Unopposed)

Brian Walker – Republican Party

District Judges (Four-year terms)

District Judge, 17th Judicial District (Unopposed)

Melody Wilkinson – Republican [Incumbent]

District Judge, 48th Judicial District

David Evans – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Lawrence Meyers – Democratic Party

District Judge, 67th Judicial District

Don Cosby – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Matthew Hegeman – Democratic Party

District Judge, 96th Judicial District

Tim Brandenburg – Democratic Party

Pat Gallagher – Republican Party [Incumbent]

District Judge, 153rd Judicial District

Alisha Darden – Democratic Party

Susan McCoy – Republican Party [Incumbent]

District Judge, 213th Judicial District

Lakesha Smith – Democratic Party

Chris Wolfe – Republican Party [Incumbent]

District Judge, 342nd Judicial District

Valerie Baston – Democratic Party

Kimberly Fitzpatrick – Republican Party [Incumbent]

District Judge, 348th Judicial District

Megan Fahey – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Maryellen W. Hicks – Democratic Party

District Judge, 352nd Judicial District

Josh Burgess – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Olyn Poole – Democratic Party

District Judge, 396th Judicial District (Unopposed)

George Gallagher – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Criminal District Judge, Court Number 2

Wayne Salvant – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Karen Williams – Democratic Party

Family District Judge, 360th Judicial District

Patricia Baca Bennett – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Michael Muñoz – Democratic Party

Tarrant County (Four-year terms)


Vance Keyes – Democratic Party

Bill E. Waybourn – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Tax Assessor-Collector

Ollie Boss Anderson – Democratic Party

Wendy Burgess – Republican Party [Incumbent]

County Commissioner, Precinct 1

Roy Charles Brooks – Democratic Party [Incumbent]

Roy E. Lozano – Republican Party

County Commissioner, Precinct 3

Kathy Braatz – Democratic Party

Gary Fickes – Republican Party [Incumbent]


Precinct 1

Dale Clark – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Scott Gerlikovski – Democratic Party

Precinct 2

Robert McGinty – Democratic Party

David Woodruff – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Precinct 3 (Unopposed)

Darrell Huffman – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Precinct 4 (Unopposed)

Joe D. “Jody” Johnson – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Precinct 5 (Open, Unopposed)

Pedro “Pete” Muñoz – Democratic Party

Precinct 6

Kelicia Lyons – Democratic Party

Jon Siegel – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Precinct 7

Clint C. Burgess – Republican Party [Incumbent]

Sandra Lee – Democratic Party

Precinct 8 (Unopposed)

Michael Campbell – Republican Party [Incumbent]


Thank you to Bryant Surley-Strong for putting together this blog.