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When you’re injured in an accident, you may wonder whether the incident would qualify for a personal injury lawsuit. One thing to think about is whether you have proof of negligence. In the law, negligence is behavior that causes harm to another person because someone failed to provide the care any other reasonable person would have provided in that same situation. If the individual who caused the injury could have prevented it, he or she could be held liable, and you could receive compensation from him or her through a personal injury lawsuit. The following are two examples of personal injury negligence to give you an idea of what might qualify for a lawsuit.

A Car Accident

Not every car accident is going to qualify for a personal injury lawsuit. For example, if someone wasn’t aware he or she had a medical condition and had a seizure while behind the wheel, the injured individual may not be able to receive compensation. However, if that driver already knew about the medical condition, failed to take his or her medication, and got behind the wheel after already having a seizure that day, a lawsuit could be filed.

When someone is driving a car, he or she owes a reasonable amount of care to everyone around. This includes other drivers, bikers, pedestrians and passengers. Anything that is considered a breach of care could be considered negligence and cause for a lawsuit.

A Dog Bite

Again, not every dog bite will end up with a favorable settlement for the injured person, but many will. For example, if a homeowner has his or her dog on a leash in the backyard, with a sturdy fence around the entire yard and “Beware of Dog” signs posted in plain sight, he or she has done the right thing to protect everyone. If you choose to trespass and get too close to the dog, who then bites you, chances are you wouldn’t receive any compensation from the dog’s owner.

If the dog is running free around the neighborhood without a leash, that’s a different story. The owner would typically be considered negligent, and if you were bit by that dog, you would probably have cause for a lawsuit.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you’re not sure whether your case falls within the right parameters for a personal injury lawsuit, you may want to speak with a professional. Contact a personal injury lawyer, who can help you determine whether or not you have a case and proof of negligence.