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Personal Injury Lawyer

There is a common issue among accident victims in that many underestimate the value of their potential claim. People often feel that either their injuries are not substantial enough to warrant a lawsuit or that an accident should not merit legal recourse. While the emotions stemming from injuries and trauma are understandable, it is necessary to look at the practical costs of sustained injuries before writing off a potential lawsuit.

The Cost of Empathy

While it is natural to feel for the at-fault driver, especially after an accident, you must acknowledge your needs above empathy. It is not uncommon for medical bills and property repairs to reach thousands of dollars in damages. It is also common for sustained injuries to interfere with employment and your ability to make a living. You may not want to sue the at-fault party, but you need to understand that your options to recover financially after an accident may be limited, which leaves little option available for recourse. If you choose to side with empathy, you risk burying yourself in debt.

Calculating Damages

To file a lawsuit, you need to place a value on your injuries, which is not always straightforward. It helps to consider damages in terms of being able to prove them in court. For example, compensatory damages are injuries with a significant paper trail. You should have no issue documenting medical expenses or property repairs stemming from the accident.

Do not forget to include lost wages in your estimation of damages. Many accident victims are forced to remain out of work until after recovery, and some may need to find a new occupation if injuries lead to a permanent disability.

While many injuries are easy to prove, you should also consider the less provable damages, like pain and suffering. Many jurisdictions allow you to seek compensation for psychological trauma, but because of the discrete nature of the injuries, you will probably need expert testimony from a psychologist or psychiatrist.

How an Attorney Can Help

You are not alone when figuring out the value of your claim. A personal injury attorney can help you organize your losses and injuries to calculate a fair starting point for negotiations with opposing counsel.

When considering a lawsuit after an accident, do not let empathy or emotion drive the decision. Look at your situation practically, and hire a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer from Hickey & Turim, to help you calculate the value of your claim.