How to Divorce an Abusive Partner

Child Custody Lawyer Dallas, TXRelationships require work and sacrifice. A break up is often considered an unfortunate event. In most divorce cases, you and your partner may have shared fond memories of each other. However, circumstances may change with time and, depending on the changes, a divorce may appear to be the best option. In instances of abuse, it is commonly advised to leave the relationship rather than attempt to change the abusive partner. So, what are the suggested steps used to leave an abusive partner?

Make a Plan

Before you inform your partner that you are filing a divorce, be sure to collect copies of all important documents that pertain to your household – especially finances. This includes banks statements, pay stubs, and bills. Be sure to keep them in a safe place where your partner will not be able to access them.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer

Your Arlington TX divorce lawyer should provide guidance through the process. If your partner is abusive, it will more than likely qualify you to file a fault divorce, which can provide benefits that a no-fault divorce will be unable to provide. When choosing which divorce lawyer is best for your situation, consider asking whether or not the attorneys you contact have experience with domestic violence divorces. There are different steps to filing a fault divorce over a no-fault divorce and an attorney familiar with domestic abuse cases should be familiar with the process.


Depending on the state and the grounds for the divorce, a separation period may be required for your divorce to begin. Your divorce lawyer will advise you as to what they believe is the best option. It may be possible to file a restraining order against the abusive partner provided you have sufficient evidence. If the judge believes the restraining order should be granted, they may order your partner to leave your home. However, if you do not have sufficient evidence of abuse, your divorce lawyer in Arlington TX may recommend that you leave the home instead.

Knowing how to divorce an abusive partner can be a daunting process. Fear of retaliation is often a factor that will impact the victim’s decision. If you are the victim of an abusive relationship, consider discussing the situation with a divorce lawyer. Although domestic violence is often understood to be addressed in criminal court, charges may be filed through civil court, as well. Every situation is different, therefore, it is critical to provide your divorce lawyer with as much information as possible regarding your case. A divorce lawyer from Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC may provide much-needed guidance through this stressful process.