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If you believe somebody else is accountable for your loved one’s death, you will feel strong emotions. You may feel sadness, anger, and intense grief. It’s important to stay as collected as possible and talk to an experienced attorney. A wrongful death lawyer can advise you on how to approach this situation. There are some vital pieces of the lawsuit you must know about to effectively pursue legal action and get the financial compensation you deserve.

The Time Frame

As with other lawsuits, there is a time limit in which you must file a wrongful death suit. You cannot expect to file a complaint in a court of law for an incident that took the life of a family member years ago. Courts will expect you to pursue these matters in a timely manner, so it is critical to consult a lawyer as soon as possible after the person’s passing. Laws on this timeline will vary from state to state; however, in most places, the deadline to file will be between one and three years after the individual’s death. If you do not file a lawsuit before this deadline, you will not be able to recover damages. There can be some exceptions to this rule. For example, if you were involved in the same incident that took your family member’s life and the accident left you incapacitated for a time, a judge may rule that the time frame will start from the time that you are able to make competent decisions regarding the lawsuit.

Proving Negligence

Your attorney will closely examine your case to determine whether someone else was liable for the untimely death. This is a vital component in your case. If you and your attorney cannot show the court that someone else was negligent or deliberately caused the death, you can’t expect to receive compensation. For instance, in a workplace death, if your loved one died because he or she failed to follow safety regulations or purposefully ignored rules, you shouldn’t expect to win your case.

Getting the Right Help

Look for an attorney that specializes in handling wrongful death cases. Your lawyer should have a proven track record and not be afraid of going up against medical facilities and doctors, large companies, and insurance companies. Your lawyer should be responsive, compassionate, and resilient.

If your loved one died because of someone else’s actions, talk to a lawyer, like a wrongful death lawyer from Patterson Bray, right away. Don’t put off filing a lawsuit.