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It’s that time of the year, again! Pumpkin spice is in the air, leaves are falling, which means it’s just about time to break out your best costume yet, stock up on candy, and carve some pumpkins with whoever you share your valuable time with. There are so many fun, exciting traditions and trends going on throughout the month of October. Most people would say Christmas is the best time of the year, but I personally think it’s the full stretch of October! The weather starts getting cooler (if us Texans are lucky), depending on where you live in the world. Being able to break out all the black and orange FINALLY, dig up the collection of pumpkins that some people may think is excessive. There’s just a certain feeling the fall time brings, who’s with me?!

From attending the fall events that each city plans year after year, going to festivals, strolling the pumpkin patches with your loved ones, celebrating with your friends all while dressed to kill in some spectacular costumes, competitive pumpkin creations, decorating your home (my personal favorite), to finally being able to light up the fire pit and maybe roast some marshmallows while sipping on some hot chocolate or cider. Maybe even find a nice spot by the fireplace with your favorite book and a soft blanket if you’re a more relaxed October celebratory type. The choices are endless and all yours to make. 

Reflecting on the history of how holidays came to be is pretty neat as well. Did you know that the holiday we celebrate on October 31st every year, is a tradition that originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, where people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off actual ghosts? Over time Halloween has evolved into a day of fun activities, like trick or treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, dressing up in spine chilling costumes and eating treats.

Although, Halloween isn’t always just about get togethers and trick or treating. Some of us really do love a good scare. So let’s not forget about the impressive haunted houses that outdo themselves year after year, full of evil laughs, skeletons and monsters if you will. To those of you who wait all year for the spooky, scary aspect, that long for the eerie ghosts, werewolf howls and cackling witch laughs, this would be the scene for you. While it is my favorite holiday, I personally don’t get down like that. I much rather prefer the warmth of my own decorated home and flipping the tv to a classic scary movie. Happy treating or scaring, whatever you’re into. 

All that being said, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Halloween jokes, because who doesn’t love a cheesy joke that might make you giggle… just a little. 

How do you unlock a haunted house?

With a spoo-key!

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