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Patent Lawyers

In theory, anyone can file their own patent application. However, it takes experience, knowledge, and training of a registered patent lawyer to file an application that protects the most valuable parts of an idea, creation, or invention.

Protecting Your Invention is Important

You might know that you need a patent to protect your idea. You may have visited the USPTO website and read about the patent process. Although you can pay the $400 to file a patent on your own, it is not advisable. This process is extremely complex and has very specific requirements. Failure to adhere to everything in the right way can result in a denied patent, lost time, and lost money. Most likely, you cannot afford this.

How Your Patent is Written Will Make a Difference to How Effective It is At Protecting Your Idea

As a patent lawyer might explain to you, the most common reasons for a dispute over patent infringement to arise comes down to a few words. If you don’t understand the way you are writing the patent, the words you are using, or what to say and what not to say, you may not get an effective patent.

An Effective Patent Takes Skill, Experience, and Knowledge

Patent law is considered to be one of the most difficult fields of law. Patent lawyers are not only required to pass the Bar Exam, but they must also register with the USPTO and have seperate training. When you retain a patent lawyer you can feel confident in knowing he or she will:

  • – Take the time to understand what you are trying to accomplish
  • – Understand what your idea or invention is
  • – Utilize the necessary skills and experience to write a patent application that fully protects your creation
  • – Help you to navigate the procedures implemented by the USPTO

The Right Patent Protection Matters

Protecting your patent is like steering a ship. If your ship gets a little off course, it might not seem to make too much of a difference.  However, once you continue out to sea, if you’re already off course, you’ll continue to move way off from the point you actually needed to be. By having a patent lawyer on your side from the very beginning can make a big difference and ensure that everything you do is done with the right direction in mind.

First Steps to Getting Your Patent

Before you file for a patent, it is advisable to as a patent lawyer for an evaluation. In general, a patent evaluation will include:

  • – Determining the right strategy for your application
  • – Research current patents or applications to see if there are any conflicts
  • – Ensure you have everything required before you can apply
  • – Prepare one or more applications
  • – Wait for a review and approval by the USPTO
  • – Appeal a denial of application – if you are denied

Every patent and creation is inherently unique, and so is every client’s needs and overall situation. Patent lawyers offers will work to understand the circumstances of your situation so they can develop an appropriate patent and intellectual property strategy that gets you the results you are looking for.