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Car Accident Lawyer

Victims of car accidents often turn to an attorney for help when it comes to pursuing a lawsuit for damages and losses. We commonly advise clients to obtain the name and contact information for any witnesses who are around and saw the accident happen. Of course, getting medical attention is the first thing anyone should do in the moments after a serious wreck. Once you are determined to be of stable health, talk with bystanders nearby to see if they are willing to provide a statement at a later time.

Witnesses can be influential to your lawsuit against the other driver. It will be your word against his or hers, and the more proof you can gather the better your chances are of a desirable outcome. Here we have talked further about why witnesses can be so helpful in your car accident lawsuit:

Help Prove What Happened

The main focus of most attorneys in car accident lawsuits, is to prove how the other driver was at-fault for the collision. Eye witnesses can help an attorney show exactly how the other driver acted carelessly which led to the accident. The more unbiased the witness, the better. Family and friends who were with you at the time can also provide a statement, but a story from someone who has no connection to you can have even more weight. A witness statement that contradicts something the other driver says in his or her testimony can be what tips the verdict into your favor.

Witness Statements Fill in the Blanks

Overtime, bias can slowly creep into the story a person tells. In the midst of such a chaotic scene, you may forget key elements of the accident simply because you were so focused on whether or not you were okay. Unless you write down exactly what happened, it can be difficult to remember everything about the accident. By having a witness statement, it can help fill in the gaps where perhaps you had a lapse. A reliable witness statement can be a solution to the imperfect human memory, particularly for those who were part of a traumatic experience like a car wreck.

A Different Perspective

A witness who was standing on the sidewalk or watching from their apartment window, has a different perspective than you about how the accident occurred. There may be a factor of the accident which you didn’t realize, such as the other driver ran a red light, ignored a stop sign, or was speeding right before impact. An attorney can help you gather witness statements in the days after the accident. An attorney understands what questions to ask and whether a witness statement may support or hurt your case.

A car accident lawyer Bristol, TN trusts can talk with you further about the accident, and whether your witnesses are helpful in the lawsuit against the other driver. Reach out as soon as possible, so they can get started right away.



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