Family Law Attorney

Joseph Lindberg

Family Law Attorney

Joseph was born and raised in the Chicagoland area. He is one of four siblings, with an older brother and two beautiful younger sisters who were adopted from Paraguay. He graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing with a concentration in Marketing Research and a minor in International business. Joseph then followed his dreams and went to law school.

From as long as Joseph can remember he wanted to be a lawyer. Growing up watching his father build his own law practice and become the family man that he was Joseph was driven to do the same. Joseph’s first experience with family law was during his second semester of law school. Joseph earned a summer externship with a Judge in Cook County Illinois. During that summer Joseph had the opportunity to watch people who were in undoubtedly one of the most difficult transitions in their life. Joseph’s admiration for the strength that these individuals possessed while at the same time going through so much pain brought Joseph to the realization that he wanted to have the opportunity to help others in similar situations.

Immediately following his externship Joseph was hired on as a law clerk for a prestige’s family law firm in Chicago. Joseph continued to clerk at that firm for his remaining two years of law school. Joseph’s passion and fire for family law only continued to grow. Joseph witnessed too many attorneys concerned with making a quick buck and failing to realize that sometimes people just needed someone to be in their corner. Joseph vowed to himself that he would always roll up his sleeves and fight for his clients.

Joseph was an active member of the Family Law Society at his law school and spent a year as the Family Law student president. He helped planned Family Law speaker events, planed panel’s where judges and attorneys that practice family law came to speak on hot button topics and helped promote the principles that a family law attorney should instill in themselves.

Joseph also interned at his schools reputable Family Law and Domestic Violence Clinic. Joseph worked on cases with individuals who were victims of domestic violence and were unable to afford an attorney. During this period of time Joseph really came to understand and witness first-hand the pain and suffering people go through when they have a spouse or significant other who is violent or abusive. Although unfortunate, the reality is verbal and physical abuse occurs every day in homes across the country. However, the good news is that there are remedies available to those that find themselves being victimized. This is where Joseph’s experience comes in to play. Joseph prides himself first and foremost as a fearless litigator and advocate for his clients in Court, but just as importantly he prides himself as someone who those can lean on and trust to give them support as they walk through tough times.

Despite being considered a “Yankee” to us in the South, Joseph is well traveled. From growing up in Chicago, going to high school in Maine and living in Southern California for four years, Joseph has had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. After graduating from law school, Joseph moved out to Texas and passed the Texas Bar Exam. Joseph’s motivation to moving to Texas, besides it being the best state in the Nation, was to get out of the frozen tundra that is Chicago. Joseph considers himself an indoctrinated Texan and has quickly adapted to the southern hospitality mindset.

Joseph has learned to manage his time at the office while taking time dedicated to finding balance in his life. This has proven difficult at times due to the amount of cases that Joseph works on as well as the pressure Joseph puts on himself to prevail on his client’s behalf. However, Joseph believes exercise is vital to emotional and mental success therefore he makes sure to fit that into his regular schedule. Joseph considers himself a sports enthusiast and will watch anything that is sports related. He played golf, basketball, and tennis in high school and still plays Golf and Basketball regularly. Joseph is enthusiastic, energetic, and empathetic and will spend whatever time is necessary to achieve success for his clients. Joseph has court room experience and has litigated on behalf of clients in hearings and trials and has gotten favorable judgments on numerous occasions.

Bar Admissions

  • Texas 2019


  • University of Illinois at Chicago John Marshall Law School, J.D. 2018
  • University of Illinois at Chicago, B.S. 2015

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • Tarrant County Family Law Bar Association Member
  • Dallas Association of Young Lawyers Member
  • State Bar of Texas – Member