Lilibeth Jaramillo
Jr. Paralegal


Jr. Paralegal

Lilibeth was born in Dallas, TX to Mexican parents and is the oldest of 4 children. She is fluent in both English and Spanish. She is the oldest of her siblings and also the only girl. As the oldest of her siblings, she has always strived to be a good example for her brothers. She helped her parents watch over her younger brothers and learned responsibility at a young age. Lilibeth has lived in Texas most of her life. She and her parents briefly moved to Colorado when she was 4 then moved back to Texas 2 years later. She has since lived in Grand Prairie and still lives there now. Her childhood included summer trips to Mexico and many family gatherings. Although she does not get to visit Mexico as often anymore, she still loves the country, the laid back culture, great food, and her grandparent’s home. Family is extremely important to Lilibeth. Both of her parents come from big families. Her mom is 1 of 11 children, and her dad is 1 of 6 children. This meant growing up with many aunts, uncles, and cousins. Cookouts and parties with lots of food and music were a great part of her childhood. Her family has of course kept growing since then and not many of those things have changed. Lilibeth attended Grand Prairie High School. While in school, she worked at a retail store and a restaurant part-time. This is when she first gained her skills in customer service. She also realized she liked working with people. Lilibeth graduated high school in 2007.

After high school, her first job was at Allstate Insurance Company. She worked as a customer report administrator in the bilingual department. She was able to utilize her Spanish skills to help customers open new claims and talk them through a stressful event. Her job included taking the initial claim loss reports which primarily included motor vehicle accidents and homeowners claims. She enjoyed talking to Spanish speaking customers located all over the United States. After a little over a year at Allstate, the bilingual department relocated to New Mexico. She was given the option to transfer to another department within the company but Lilibeth decided to leave instead. She was ready to try something new.

Lilibeth joined the legal field in April 2009 when a friend referred her to the firm where she was working at. She was told about an open position and although she had not considered working in the legal field before, she decided to give it a try. Lilibeth accepted a position at a small collections law firm in Carrollton, TX. She started as a legal receptionist and then transitioned to an administrative clerk. She realized she enjoyed the office environment and what she thought would be something temporary, turned into a permanent position. She then decided to continue a career in the legal field and wanted to learn as much as she could. Her duties often changed as the firm grew. She answered phones, learned to recognize legal documents, drafted letters and motions, and frequently communicated with courts and other attorneys. She also managed the legal operations department and assisted with all incoming mail, document processing, and training. Lilibeth was also part of implementing new processes to increase productivity in the legal operations department. The firm is now one of the top collection law firms in Texas and even expanded to other states. Although it was a great experience to be part of such a fast growing law firm, after almost 8 years, Lilibeth decided it was time to take her skills to a new firm. Hoping for a new experience and to expand her knowledge about the legal field, Lilibeth joined the Brandy Austin Law Firm in March of 2017. What attracted her to the Brandy Austin Law Firm was the diversity of the team and all of the different areas of practice. She knew she would be able to help a lot more people there. Lilibeth started as a legal secretary and her role in the firm has since changed to Attorney Liaison. As the firm’s Attorney Liaison, Lilibeth is responsible for the intake process which includes taking calls and setting up new consultations. She is the first point of contact for potential clients and is there to answer any questions about the services provided at the Brandy Austin Law Firm. She also reviews the retainer agreements with new clients, greets visitors, takes payments, and sets up new files. What she likes the most about working at the Brandy Austin Law Firm is working with a great team and having the same goal of providing clients with a great experience. She enjoys getting to know and talking to clients of the firm and hopes to assist them in overcoming the legal issues they may be facing. She wants to keep learning about the law to continue to help people.

Lilibeth purchased her first home with her fiancé in 2014. She has an 8 year old son and will soon welcome a baby girl due June 2018. She also has an english bulldog named Hercules. He’s one of the sweetest and most loving dogs. One of the things Lilibeth is most proud of and enjoys the most is being a mom. Her family is her motivation. On the weekends, Lilibeth spends the days with family trying new restaurants, shops, and doing things her son enjoys. Her ideal vacation would be spending the day at the beach with her family. She also loves watching anything on the Food Network and HGTV. She loves cooking and especially trying new recipes. Lilibeth is always looking for a new book to read. One of her many hobbies is attending concerts, especially when she can see the artists in smaller venues. And like many women, she is obsessed with fashion.

Lilibeth received her Paralegal Certificate from Southern Methodist University in March 2018. She hopes to continue her career in the legal field and her education.