Dallas, Texas Probate Lawyer

Postnuptial Agreement Lawyers Dallas, TXAn experienced Dallas, Texas probate lawyer from Brandy Austin Law Firm understands what you’re going through. The loss of a loved one is one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. We have been there and there is nothing that can be done to make the pain go away. What we can do and what we do well, is help you with probate. We take care of the legal needs so you can focus on your family.

We treat our clients like family, which means we treat the whole person. We know you’re going through an extremely difficult time in your life that is unrelated to the legal probate issues. While we certainly take the reigns with probate, we also want to help you get through the loss of your loved one.

A dedicated probate lawyer from our Dallas, TX office can help you with the next steps. Probate is required in most estates. This means the debts, assets, and all other belongings of your loved one must be counted, appraised, and distributed.

Brandy Austin Law Firm has worked with other people and companies who can help with this process. We know the appraisers to use so your loved one’s valuables are appraised accurately and timely. We know you want to grieve and we do everything we can to get you through the probate process quickly and accurately.

What are the probate steps?

  1. Locate the will and determine its authenticity
  2. File the Petition with the court
  3. Appoint an Executor or Personal Representative
  4. Locate and appraise the assets
  5. Notify creditors
  6. Pay any debts
  7. File final tax returns
  8. Distribute remaining assets

When you work alongside our experienced and skilled Dallas, TX probate lawyers, we help you meet your duties as the Executor or Personal Representative. We are by your side throughout the entire process helping to reduce your stress related to probate and your grief of the loss of your loved one.

When it comes to probate, many people are under the impression that probate is easy and can be done without the assistance of a skilled probate lawyer from Dallas, Texas. Unfortunately, they’re wrong. Even more unfortunately, when they attempt probate alone and when mistakes occur, it’s now more costly for a probate attorney to fix the problems than had they just worked with the probate attorney from the start.

We don’t say this to scare you at an already challenging time in your life. We say this to educate you so you don’t make the same mistakes as others.

Probate is a process that requires precision and accuracy. Without these two things, probate quickly becomes an extremely time consuming and even more costly venture. When you’re in an already emotional state, mistakes are easy. By choosing to work with a trusted Dallas, TX probate lawyer, you drastically reduce the chance of mistakes. We handle the probate while you deal with what matters most – your family.

Brandy Austin Law Firm has many years of experience with probate. Our past clients in Dallas, TX have trusted our probate lawyers to help them heal and to help them get through the probate process with ease. Contact Brandy Austin Law Firm today so we can show you how we can help you, too.