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Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning is a crucial part of preparing for your future. As much as we all wish we could live forever and avoid this topic, the reality is we can’t. Estate planning is having legal documents that address every aspect of your end-of-life needs and requests. Without having things like your will, power of attorney, a living will, and healthcare proxy it can make for a stressful situation with your family members. 

To ensure that everything in your estate plan has everything you need in it, you should hire a skilled estate planning lawyer. If you’ve never hired a lawyer before you may not know what to look for. 

Top Qualities Your Estate Lawyer Should Have

No matter when you are looking for a lawyer they should have the following qualities so you know you are able to get everything you need in your plan. 

Focuses on Estate Planning 

Not every lawyer is going to know the ins and outs of estate law. That is why you need a lawyer who focuses on this topic. Many lawyers focus on specific areas of the law. While there are some lawyers who focus on other areas and add estate planning to their set of skills, it simply isn’t the same as someone who only focuses on estate planning. 

You want someone who knows the laws, as they are updated all the time. Besides, think of it like going to the doctor. You wouldn’t want your general practitioner performing brain surgery on you so why settle for a lawyer who doesn’t know the laws as well as someone who specializes in them. 

Works Quickly and Efficiently 

Time is essential when you start creating your estate plan. It is even more so if you are entering your end of life. Now, most dedicated estate planning lawyers can prepare your first draft within a few weeks and finalize the plan in about two months. Anyone who requires more than a few months may have too many clients and can’t dedicate time to your case. 

Readily Available and In-touch

The day you get your final copy is not the last time you should hear from your lawyer. The top estate lawyers are going to reach out to their clients years down the road to reassess their goals and make any relevant changes. They are also going to inform you about any legislation changes that could affect your plan. Your plan will most likely change as time goes on, and when you hire an estate lawyer you are hiring someone to 

When you talk to an estate planning lawyer like the team at the Kaplan Law Practice, LLC, you can rest assured that your plan is going to have everything you need and want in it.