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After a trucking accident, victims may need help from a trucking accident lawyer in Dallas, TX at Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC to manage the significant impact it has had on their lives and for assistance pursuing a legal claim. Proving fault can get complicated, especially when victims are up against the possibility that multiple parties may be responsible. This can easily become overwhelming for an accident victim who may be managing serious injuries. Proving liability is best suited for a Dallas trucking accident lawyer who has the experience and tenacity to pursue a truck accident case while victims recover from their injuries. 

Key Elements to Accident Cases

When pursuing a truck accident case against the responsible party, a trucking accident lawyer in Dallas, Texas can work to make sure that key personal injury elements were present in the accident. When all of the elements can be proven, we can assist accident victims in obtaining the compensation they deserve. We can work with victims to gather evidence that proves the truck driver or company:

  1. Owed a Duty of Care
  2. Breached their Duty of Care
  3. Negligence was the Result of the Accident
  4. Injuries or Damages Occured 

It will be essential that you are able to prove these elements were at play in order to obtain damages following a trucking accident. In doing so, the truck company or driver may be required to provide you with compensation for the damages you have suffered. 

Reasons the Trucking Company or Driver May be Responsible

There is tremendous pressure placed on truck companies and their drivers to perform efficiently. When a truck accident occurs, it may be likely that multiple parties are responsible for the accident. Truck companies, drivers and even manufacturers may be held at fault for the accident.

Trucking Companies may be responsible for:

  • -Improper Truck Inspections
  • -Improper Loading of Cargo
  • -Poor Maintenance of the Truck

Truck Manufacturers may be responsible for:

  • -Defective Parts

Truck Drivers may be responsible for:

  • -Distracted Driving
  • -Fatigue
  • -Alcohol or Drug Use
  • -Reckless Driving

It may be obvious that the claims process can become complicated rather quickly with so many potential parties involved. Working with an experienced TX trucking accident lawyer in Dallas can help victims sort through the complicated legal process. If you have been victim to a trucking accident, it’s important that you not hesitate in contacting a lawyer as soon as possible. 

The Compensation You Deserve

Trucking accidents often produce results that are incredibly serious and in some cases, fatal. Truck accidents often cause more damage than the average car accident. Because of this, it’s important that you work with our team at Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC so we can review your case and properly value your claim. Common factors that may be considered include:

-Property Damage

-Total Medical Expenses


    -Long Term

-Loss of Earning Capacity

-Noneconomic Damages

    -Pain and Suffering

    -The Effect on Your Family

    -Physical Limitations

Trucking accidents at the hands of the truck driver or trucking company may be the result of negligence. Because trucking companies are so focused on their bottom line, they may cut corners in efforts to deliver goods as efficiently as possible. This is no way to proceed with doing business, especially when it puts the lives of others at risk. Accident victims deserve to have their rights protected with the help of a truck accident lawyer. To move forward with taking action against the negligent party, contact a Texas trucking accident lawyer in Dallas from Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC as soon as possible.