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Visitation Rights Lawyer Arlington, TXOne of the most difficult conversations that parents can have with their child is the one where they have to break the news that they are getting a divorce. It is often difficult for the parents themselves to understand why this is happening, let alone try to explain it to a child in a way that they will understand.

The following tips may be helpful if you are in this situation. Depending on the circumstances of the breakup and how your child handles the news, you may also want to consider consulting with a family therapist. Your Arlington, TX divorce attorney may be able to recommend a therapist whose work they are familiar with.

When you sit down with your child to talk about the divorce, it is best for both parents to do it together. Although things may be tense between you and the other parent, presenting a united front with all things concerning your child will help reassure your child that no matter what happens between his or her parents, they both will always still love the child. The following may be helpful during this talk.

Find out what your child already knows. As adults, we often forget how easily children pick up on things that are happening around them. You and your spouse have likely not been getting along for some time before reaching this decision and your child – depending on their age – may be fully aware that the divorce is coming. They likely do not understand what all this will mean for them, which can cause emotional distress. By gauging what they already know, you can begin to alleviate their concerns.

Make sure to present your answers to your child in a way they can understand, depending on their age. If you have children of different ages, it is better to speak with each one individually so you can explain things in a way they will understand. Your 11-year-old will understand and want more details than your 5-year-old will. They will also likely have different concerns and fears about what the divorce will mean for them.  This will allow you to keep the information you share age-appropriate, as well as offer the reassurances they need.

Make sure to ask your child questions. Let them know it is okay to share all their emotions and feeling with you, no matter what they are. It is normal for a child to have feelings of anger among the many other emotions they will be dealing with. Letting them know you are a safe place to share all of their emotions no matter what they are.

It is also important that you keep conversations going with your child. The divorce process can be a long one and there will be all kinds of issues that can arise. Your family will have good days and bad days, but keeping the lines of communication open goes a long way in the healing process.

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