If my child is bit by a dog what can an attorney do for me?

Hiring an attorney would ensure that you gather all of the evidence necessary to prove up your case should a lawsuit be necessary. Gathering evidence of the dog bite, and the history of the dog at the onset of the case are the most important factors.

If I as an adult am bit by a dog do I have a case?

It depends. There’s information you need to gather before a case determination can be made. You will need to find the dog owner. Describe the location where the dog bite occurred. If it is at a friend’s house, with a friend’s dog, then you will have to ask your friend for her homeowner’s policy (if she has one). Next, you’ll need to get pictures of the dog, and any dangerous activity the dog has been involved in prior to biting you. Please contact an attorney in your area to get specific information on your case.

How long does a dog bite case normally take?

There are two stages of any personal injury claim. Pre-litigation and litigation. You will know early whether the homeowner’s policy is going to accept liability or not. If they do, then it’s all about how much they will pay. That could take a few months. If the homeowner’s policy denies liability, then a lawsuit may be necessary. In which case, it will take at least a year or more to get recovery in the case.

Will my medical expenses be covered?

Medical Bills are recoverable damages in a dog bite case in Texas.

What evidence do I need to gather prior to going to an attorney on a dog bite case?

Below are some of the documents you could gather for an attorney to review:

  • Photos of the dog
  • Photos of the injuries
  • Witness statements to the incident
  • Witness statements on the history of the dog/past bites by the dog
  • Any Dangerous Dog Hearing documents/verdicts
  • Incident Reports
  • Medical Records and Bills from the injuries
  • Dog Owner’s name and information
  • Dog Owner’s insurance policy information