Will a Divorce Affect my Citizenship in Arlington TX?

Will a Divorce Affect my Citizenship in Arlington TX?Any individual that has permanent residency in the United States must hold a green card. This grants them many of the rights that U.S. citizens have, including the right to live, vote in state and municipal elections, and work here. The process by which a permanent resident can become a United States citizen is called naturalization. An immigrant must meet the permanent residency requirement before they apply for citizenship. This can happen rather quickly if an immigrant marries a U.S. resident, however, you must remain married and live with your husband or wife over three years before you can qualify to file for citizenship.

Unfortunately, if you and your partner decide to divorce, it will most likely strip you of your green card and your ability to apply again. United States immigration personnel are constantly looking for fraudulent marriages in the event that a marriage is a sham just to obtain a green card. So, as long as your marriage was real and sincere, where you chose marriage because you were happily in love with your partner and wanted to build a life together, you have nothing to worry about.

The following is a brief overview of the obstacles green card holders going through a divorce may face. For more detailed information, contact an Arlington TX divorce lawyer.

Proving Your Marriage Was Real

U.S. Immigration and Customs, or USCIS, will not automatically assume your marriage was a sham because you are filing for divorce. However, they may ask additional questions when you sit down for your naturalization interview so that they can make sure of this. If the officer is suspicious of your marriage, they will not make a decision that day and instead ask you and your partner to submit more documented paperwork that proves your marriage was real.

This can include a couples counseling (to prove that you were really trying to make your marriage work) note from your therapist, and a deed or lease to your property with both of your names listed. Also, having both of your IDs showing the same address, life insurance paperwork showing the same address, and joint bank account paperwork are all proof of a bona fide marriage. If you have any children you have not reported to the USCIS yet, his or her birth certificates will serve as great evidence that your marriage was not a sham.

Other Factors that May Leave You Asking, “Will a Divorce Affect my Citizenship in Arlington TX?

Marriage is not the only way through which one may file for permanent residency in the United States. If you or your partner collected a green card through being employed in America, then your marriage or divorce will definitely not impact your current immigration status or citizenship. You may apply for it if you meet the requirements, regardless of your divorce.

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