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A Divorce Attorney Arlington TX Trust Explains the Divorce Process

Divorce Attorney Arlington TxIf you are in need of a divorce and living in the Arlington area, contact Brandy Austin Law Firm where you will be represented by the top divorce attorney Arlington TX has to offer. Going through a divorce can be a challenging and stressful time for both you and your children. By contacting Brandy Austin Law Firm, you will be working with attorneys who will put you and your children’s future in best interest. The attorneys can use mediation to come to a resolution between you and the other party to avoid going to court and letting a judge make the ruling. Mediation involves a neutral party working with both parties to come to a mutual resolution. Ask a trusted divorce attorney Arlington TX has to offer whether you can work together to come to an agreement with the other party, but if the mediation does not work, the attorneys will be prepared to fight for you in court to advocate for your best interests.

The respected divorce attorney Arlington TX trusts at Brandy Austin Law Firm can handle every aspect of your divorce and work to achieve what is important to you, whether that be child support or financial stability. These top Arlington attorneys can settle disputes about property division by making sure that you can get your share of the property that you and your partner were sharing. They can also handle pension division to try and make sure that you will maintain financial stability after the divorce is final.

One of the main concerns that people have when going through a divorce is regarding the custody of the children. Brandy Austin Law Firm can assist in achieving and advocating for your best interest when it comes to child custody. In most divorces, one party will usually be responsible for paying child support, so let the experienced divorce attorney Arlington TX believes in handle all of those financial agreements for you. Learn about How to Break the Decision to Divorce to Your Children.

In some cases, divorces can be pretty ugly and leave you worrying that the other party will act in quick aggressive ways like cleaning out bank accounts, moving the children away, or cancelling insurance accounts. A respected divorce attorney Arlington TX counts on can obtain a temporary restraining order for you that prevents these things from happening so that you can have a few things less to worry about when going through these stressful times.

No matter what your biggest concern is while going through a divorce, the well-experienced attorneys at Brandy Austin Law Firm can fight for your best interests and work to make it possible for you to get through the divorce process as quickly and easily as possible. If both parties work to reach agreements, the top Arlington attorneys can finalize your divorce in as little as 60 days. It is important to get a lawyer that you trust when going through a divorce because so many valuable things will be at stake including your children, house, property, and finances. These things need to be protected so that you do not come out with less than you deserve. Let the divorce attorney Arlington TX believes in at the Brandy Austin Law Firm work to mediate your divorce and come to an agreement that both parties can agree on.

Revenge Porn and Its Consequences in Divorce

One of the many different activities that have emerged as more and more of the population rely on texting as a regular mode of communication is referred to as “sexting.” This activity usually takes place between two consensual adults and involves the exchange of sexual conversations and the exchange of revealing photographs. However, many of those couples who engage in sexting eventually break up and that’s where trouble – including criminal trouble – can begin. Law enforcement refers to this as “revenge porn” and many states are passing strict criminal laws to handle it.

Making Public Revealing Photos of Your Ex – Not a Good Idea!

A person may be guilty of revenge porn when they disseminate revealing photos they have of their ex. They may post these photos on social media sites or send them to family and friends of their ex. However, doing so could end up in criminal charges against the person because this activity is considered illegal under the new revenge porn laws passed by many states.

Threatening to reveal what could be embarrassing photos of someone in a divorce or custody case could also backfire for an individual. This could be considered blackmail, and not only could it result in criminal charges, but it will also most likely have disastrous consequences in family court. As your divorce attorney can attest, a judge will not uphold any divorce or custody agreement that was made because one party was under distress – in this case, fearful embarrassing photos of them would be made public. In fact, the judge will likely hold this behavior against the party who was doing the threatening.

Help! My Ex Is Threatening to Expose Embarrassing Photographs of Me!

If you are being contacted by an ex-partner threatening to upload nude or revealing pictures of you, it can be a very scary and stressful situation. When you are in the midst of a heated custody dispute or divorce proceeding, these feelings can be magnified even more. Some words of advice:

  1.                  Report it to police. What your ex-partner is doing is likely a crime – actually several crimes – and deserves to be prosecuted. If asked, police may be able to protect your identity to a certain extent.
  2.                  Report it to your divorce attorney. If you are involved in a family court proceeding, report the incident to your Arlington TX at once. Your divorce attorney can take steps to report the situation to the judge so that the court is aware of what is going on. The court may also choose to take certain adverse actions against your ex-partner based on the behavior.
  3.                  Do not blame yourself. It is common to feel that you are responsible for putting yourself in this situation, but that is not true. Your ex-partner has chosen to betray your trust and has put you in this situation. If you find yourself becoming depressed or have trouble dealing with the emotions of this situation, a qualified counselor or therapist may be able to help.

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