Arlington Criminal Defense Lawyer

Arlington Criminal Defense Lawyer

Do I Need To Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you have been charged with criminal wrongdoing, you may be wondering if you need to invest in the services of an experienced Arlington, TX criminal defense lawyer. You may feel particularly conflicted about this decision if you have been charged with relatively minor criminal wrongdoing. After all, it doesn’t make sense to invest time and money when doing so is not necessary. However, if you have been charged with any offense more severe than a minor speeding infraction, it is important to understand that you likely need to schedule a consultation with an experienced Arlington, TX criminal defense lawyer as soon as humanly possible. This need is urgent for several important reasons.

Why You Need A Strong Defense Team

Being charged with a criminal infraction is a serious business, even when the charges against you are fairly innocuous in nature. Why is it so important to have an experienced legal advocate by your side? The consequences associated with a criminal conviction are numerous and will likely follow you for the rest of your life. Yes, if your infraction is relatively minor, you may escape jail time. But having a criminal conviction on your record could keep you from obtaining an education, employment, a preferred immigration status, your choice of housing and access to a host of other opportunities. A criminal charge is therefore something to be treated seriously.

Connecting with an experienced Arlington, TX criminal defense lawyer can help to ensure that you have a strong defense strategy in place at all times. Texas has strong criminal laws and prides itself on enforcing those laws. When the prosecution is determined to make a charge “stick,” the accused needs to have a strong legal advocate protecting their rights. Yes, it is nice to save a little money whenever possible. But skimping on your access to a strong legal defense is not the time to be thinking about saving a few dollars.

Legal Guidance Is Available

If you have been charged with criminal wrongdoing, please connect with an experienced Arlington, Texas criminal defense lawyer now. There are so many reasons why it is important to have a strong criminal defense attorney on your side. The legal team at Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC has years of experience successfully advocating on behalf of clients accused of both relatively serious and relatively minor criminal infractions. We would be happy to speak with you about the particulars of your situation and to advise you of your legal options accordingly. Please don’t hesitate; contact our firm now in order to speak with an Arlington, TX criminal defense lawyer. If you remain unsure of whether you should hire an attorney, know that consultations are confidential and risk-free. There is no need to hesitate to connect with a legal professional right now. Your future self will almost certainly thank you for making this proactive effort on your own behalf. 

A criminal charge of any kind is a serious matter.  Our first priority is to educate you about your constitutional rights and the legal process in defending a criminal case.  We will develop an effective criminal defense to the charges against you, and we will strive to obtain the most favorable outcome possible for you.

Being charged with a crime is very stressful.  We know that sometimes the human side of our clients gets lost in the criminal justice system, and our job is to listen to your questions and concerns, and to guide you through the legal process as smoothly as possible.

What Happens After A Crime?

The first issue in most criminal cases involves talking to the police.  Most people when they are confronted by the police want to try and explain their side of the story.  Oftentimes this is the worst thing you could do. You most likely are not going to be able to talk yourself out of being arrested.  The police are rarely interested in your side of the story, unless it supports the police officer’s version of the story already. The only thing you are doing by talking to the police is giving them more opportunity to gain evidence against you.  We advise our clients to never speak to the police without their attorney present. The decision about whether to speak with the police at all is a very important and complex decision, and you should consult with us before you do so.

The second issue faced in a criminal proceeding is the timeline of events.  The criminal justice system is not quick. You will have a number of court appearances over the course of the proceeding, and you will need to attend all of them.  If we cannot come up with an acceptable plea bargain with the district attorney, then we will have to go to trial.

What Will Be Done For Me?

Our goal first and foremost is to try and get the most favorable result for our clients as possible.  Sometimes this means accepting a plea bargain, and other times we will have to go to trial.  We will work together with you to determine what the best outcome is for your situation, and work toward that goal.  If you have been charged with a crime, call us before you speak with the police, and let us work with you to protect your rights.

Client Review

“I used this firm and they were to the highest standards. Very professional and kept every part of there backing and representing you towards you . I will be recommending them to anyone that need representation.”

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