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Divorce has consequences that can be emotionally draining and personally inconvenient. Parents want to protect their children, especially during the divorce proceedings. However, you may be wondering, is the best way to protect your child to hire a custody lawyer or is it the fight for custody by yourself? 

This answer is always going to depend on your case. Each of Ortiz is going to be different. It is generally better to have a child custody lawyer to protect your rights and your child. However, maybe you have a great relationship with your partner and you don’t need a custody lawyer. That’s great. But just in case you do, you’re in the right place.

 Signs That You Need a Child Custody Lawyer to Protect Your Rights and Your Child’s 

If your ex-spouse hired their own custody lawyer and his lawyer is to represent them in all custody matters involving your children, then you need to take that step as well. You do not want to feel like you lost custody of your child because your ex spouse had a lawyer and you did not. A child custody lawyer is going to do everything in their abilities to keep you with your child and get you the outcome you desire. 

You want to keep the playing field level.

If you believe that your child is in danger, and sure that you call 911. If your ex-spouse is the cause of this danger, you may need to implement a restraining order. If you are worried about how these actions might look and your overall situation, especially with a custody court battle happening, a custody lawyer is going to be able to help you.

Getting a restraining order should not make you look bad if it is for a good cause. Your custody lawyer such as the ones available at Robinson and Hadeed Family Law, are going to be able to help you determine if a restraining order is the best course of action. They are also going to be able to help you determine and collect the proof that you can present to a judge to show the restraining order is required. 

Is the court requiring you to go to treatment or take classes? These may be parenting classes or anger management classes, they could also be drug or alcohol treatment programs. And in this instance the court probably views you and your case and an unfavorable light. That is why you would Do fast to have a custody lawyer on your side. A custody lawyer is going to be able to ensure that you are not being unfairly portrayed during the custody hearings, they are also going to be able to keep track of whether you are going to classes or treatments that the court has asked you to take. Following through with the Court’s orders can really change your case.