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Is a demand letter helpful?

The best way to determine the benefit of demand letters is to use an example. Let’s say that someone you know, we’ll call him Chuck; needs something like a laptop computer for school, because his has crashed. Since you’ve know Chuck and he has seemed to be a pretty honest and trustworthy person, and since you happen to have a laptop computer he can borrow you offer it to help. You’ve now exchange some phone calls, emails or texts messages with Chuck and he tells you it’s should only be for a few weeks until their laptop is repaired. So, you make the arrangement for the delivery of your laptop.

Everything has gone pretty smoothly up to this point, they get to continue taking classes and you feel good for helping someone in need. A couple of weeks go by and you check in with Chuck, he says he should only need it for a few more days. Days turn into Weeks which turn into Months and still no sign Chuck will be giving your laptop back. What can you do?

Demand letters do not have to be complex, but they can be.

This is where a Demand Letter could help you. Demand Letters are simple legal letters that request compensation or action on a particular item(s) or subject. A demand letter can be the quickest and easiest way to resolve a Civil Law dispute without having to go to Civil Court. They allow you to make a written request for restitution and give the other person an honest chance to resolve their actions. This saves you and them time, money and resources as long as the demand letter is successful.

A demand letter is something you can absolutely do on your own, but I would still meet with or hire an attorney to help you through that process. The benefit you have with an attorney while sometimes a superficial reason, they often carry more weight or authenticity when dealing with these sensitive issues. There are literally hundreds of attorneys that are willing and able to do demand letters and a reasonable cost to you. They can also help you negotiate with the opposing party. The hope is that with you can reach an agreement or restitution without ever having to step foot in a Texas courthouse.    

Of course, sometime court is inevitable. The other benefit you have with hiring an attorney for a demand letter is that if in the case your demand letter is unsuccessful you have someone who can help you with a potential small claims case. Now your attorney can send you a new retainer to begin working on your small claims case. An attorney in this situation can help you to reach resolution much faster because they are already familiar with your case.

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