If I slip and fall at a store can I receive compensation?

Felony Lawyer - Arlington, TXIt depends. Before filing of a lawsuit, you may or may not receive compensation. It is all dependent on the premises owner’s insurance company. After filing of a lawsuit, it is dependent on the jury if the case does not get settled at mediation.

How long will my case last?

Slip and Falls are hard cases to litigate in the State of Texas. For that reason, initially and pre-suit, your case may get denied. If you case is denied, it may require a lawsuit to make any recovery. A case in litigation generally lasts at least a year and half before a resolution is achieved.

What proof do I need to provide?

It is very important to provide proof of how long the dangerous substance was on the floor of the premises. Photos of the site in question, shoes and clothes you were wearing at the time of fall, medical records of your injuries, incident report from the premises owner are all pertinent to proving your case.

How long after the incident can I file suit?

You can file a suit as soon as you want. The general idea is to wait until the claim is denied to file suit.

How can an attorney help?

Because slip and fall law in the state of Texas is hard to litigate and require specific set of facts to be successful, it is important to get an attorney to help you through the process. An attorney can make sure the proper procedure and law is followed, as well as your case is being proved up in court for trial.