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If you are an adult, you’ll want to speak with an experienced last will and testament attorney Arlington, TX residents trust – and you’ll want to do so as soon as possible. “Why?” you may be saying. “I don’t own much property, so I don’t need a will.” Or, you may be thinking, “I created a will several years ago, so I have already completed my estate plan.” Unless you have created or updated an estate plan so recently that nothing in your life has prompted the need for you to edit your wishes at this time, you’ll want to connect with a wills attorney Arlington, TX residents trust. In doing so, you’ll place yourself in the best possible position to ensure that your wishes are enforceable and that your wishes will ultimately be respected when you’re gone.

Why You Need an Updated Will, Regardless of How Much Property You Own

In modern America, much of an individual’s most valuable property and assets aren’t necessarily tangible. In addition to stocks, retirement plans, flexible medical spending accounts, and other intangible financial assets, most Americans place a great deal of value in their online presence. Have you created a digital estate plan? If not, know that you haven’t drafted legally enforceable instructions concerning who may and who may not have access to your online accounts, profiles, and intellectual property. Even if you turned 18-years-old yesterday and have virtually no tangible property of your own yet, you need to create a will to ensure that your digital assets are protected according to your wishes.

Nowadays, you shouldn’t wait until you accumulate wealth or become a parent to create a will and an estate plan. Due to the changing nature of how assets are defined in the Digital Age, you need to have a will as soon as you become a legal adult. You also need to keep in mind that as your life evolves, so must your will and estate plan – otherwise, your wishes could be challenged in court as unenforceable because they may no longer reflect your current intent.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you are a legal adult and you have not yet created a legally enforceable last will and testament, it is important that you connect with the experienced Texas legal team at The Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC to discuss your estate planning needs. All too often, adults “put off” the process of estate planning for any number of reasons, not least of which because it isn’t easy to think about a time in which you will no longer be in control or possession of your property. However, no one knows how much time they have before their estate plan will suddenly become very urgent business for their loved ones and the state. Please don’t wait. Invest a little of your time and energy into ensuring that your tangible property, intangible assets, and digital footprint are all protected in ways that honor your wishes. Our firm’s Arlington, TX last will and testament attorney team looks forward to speaking with you.