Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Arlington, TXNursing Home Abuse Lawyer Arlington, TX

If your loved one suffered abuse while in a nursing home, you should consult a nursing home abuse lawyer in Arlington, TX. What happened to your family member was unfair and justice should be served. A lawyer can help you file a timely claim and protect your family member’s rights.

Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse

When people place their family members in nursing homes, they expect them to be taken good care of. Unfortunately, however, abuse in these facilities does exist. Here are the common types of nursing home abuse residents may experience:

  • Physical abuse: Physical abuse refers to intentionally causing bodily harm to a resident. This type of abuse can be committed in a number of different ways, such as punching, slapping, kicking and hitting someone with objects. Physical abuse may lead to life-threatening injuries in residents, so prompt medical attention is critical.
  • Sexual abuse: Sexual abuse includes any kind of unwanted sexual activity, like intercourse, oral sex and touching. It can cause bruises, bleeding and sexually transmitted diseases. Sexual abuse can also lead to long-term psychological damage.
  • Emotional abuse: Emotional abuse can also occur in nursing homes and may include name calling, intimidating and threatening. As a nursing home abuse lawyer in Arlington, TX can confirm, emotional abuse can have long-term psychological effects on a resident.
  • Neglect: Neglect in a nursing home can be intentional or unintentional and refers to providing inadequate care to residents. Staff members can commit neglect if they do not properly clean residents, fail to provide adequate food and water, forget to administer medications and ignore resident complaints.
  • Financial abuse: Financial abuse occurs when a nursing home staff member intentionally financially exploits a resident. This type of abuse may include denying a resident access to his or her money, stealing a resident’s financial documents and forging documents.

Seeking Legal Action for Nursing Home Abuse

If your family member is the victim of nursing home abuse, you have the right to pursue legal action. However, proving neglect is not easy, so it is beneficial to have an experienced lawyer on your side. A lawyer can help you gather evidence, identify witnesses and communicate with the insurance company.

If your loved one was abused in some way while residing in a nursing home, you should schedule a consultation with a nursing home abuse lawyer in Arlington, TX as soon as possible.