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In all industries, workplace injuries are a possibility. In 2015, employers paid about $61 billion on workers’ compensation benefits alone. If you are injured at work, then odds are, you are entitled to workers’ compensation as workers compensation lawyers, like from Hickey & Turim, SC, can explain. If you want to ensure that you receive your benefits, you have to follow a few simple steps.

File a Report Immediately

When you are injured on the job, you need to file the report as soon as possible. Every state has different deadlines, so you need to look at your employer’s coverage to find out what your deadline is. In some states, you have as little as one day to file a report, whereas in other states, you may have up to 90 days. The best advice is to file an accident report as soon as it happens. Even if you don’t think that the injury is serious, it could develop into a worse injury in the future. You want all accidents to be on the record. This can also save others from future safety hazards.

See a Doctor

Medical evidence is the most important evidence that you have, regarding your workers’ compensation case. Even if you aren’t sure that your injury is serious, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. In some cases, your employer will require you to go to a specific doctor. If you aren’t satisfied with his or her choice, you can always go to your doctor. While your benefits may not cover a doctor of your choice, it may still help you in the long run. A second evaluation may provide you with more benefits.

Follow-Up With Employer

Once you report your accident to your employer, he or she has an obligation to file a workers’ compensation claim. Once you tell him or her, it should happen within 24 hours. Follow up with your employer after you report the accident to make sure that the workers’ compensation claim is filed. If he or she doesn’t file the claim or if you have any trouble, make sure that you contact a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible.

Workers’ compensation attorneys are experienced in workers’ compensation claims and can help make sure that you receive the compensation that you deserve. If you run into any problems, they can assist you. If you were injured at work, set up a consultation with a workers’ compensation lawyer to figure out your options.