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Probate Attorneys

Probate Process

Probate is the process of reviewing an estate after someone passes away. The goals of probate are to ensure that the rightful assets are passed on to the correct heirs. It’s also a time to review a will and to confirm that it is valid. Probate is a time when different family members, friends, or loved ones may challenge a will for its validity in court. It may also be discovered during the probate process that the decedent has outstanding debts that will need to be settled and taken care of. It may be helpful to speak with a lawyer regarding who will take care of these debts and other things regarding the estate. 

Is an Attorney Helpful?

Hiring an attorney is not something that is mandatory to complete this process but is certainly a way of speeding up the process and ensuring that no critical details have been overlooked. When you hire probate attorneys from a firm like Klenk Law, you will be obtaining a team that can assist dramatically with the probate process. These types of attorneys generally have many years of experience with probate and also carry the necessary skills and knowledge to settle probate and ensure that everything has been taken care of. There will be many documents needed to submit to the court and to who those entitled debts are owed to. This is why it is especially useful to seek legal counsel in order to make the process easier and avoid headaches throughout. 

Things to Ask an Attorney

When seeking out an experienced probate attorney it is important to know what you are getting. Make sure to ask some important questions like:

  • How long they have been practicing probate law
  • What local courts they have experience with
  • Details regarding past clients like the size of the estate and whether or not familial issues came into play
  • How long the process generally took in probate court

These are just some of the important questions to ask your probate attorney about. Many other relevant questions can be asked too that may be more in line with your probate experience and process. If you are looking to avoid a lengthy court battle due to probate, then consider reaching out to experienced legal counsel in your area who deal in the realms of probate. These types of attorneys have helped many people get through probate.