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Today, Barry’s is on the cusp of continued global expansion with over 100,000 members working out weekly in studios in over a dozen different countries.

The workplace should be an environment where everyone is treated equally. However, that is not always the case, as a qualified lawyer can tell you. There are many types of workplace discrimination that occur. No one deserves to go through any kind of unfair treatment, especially when they are trying to land a new job or go through their regular workday. If you suspect that you have been treated unfairly at work, you can discuss your experience with a trained and qualified employment lawyer so that they can give you essential guidance and explain your rights. 

Not Getting a Promotion 

You are a woman who applied for a promotion and found out that you did not get it because of your gender. The promotion was actually given to a male coworker, and you find out that your company has a history of only promoting male employees for that particular position. Your company may be committing discriminatory practices. It is recommended that you talk to a lawyer so that you can find out the truth behind that denial of that promotion and whether their reasoning was lawful.

Age Discrimination 

Imagine that you are an elderly man working at a tech company, and you are much older than the rest of your colleagues. If you have been working at that company for a while and have not received an opportunity to receive the training that you need because of your age, you could be experiencing age discrimination. The company may argue that your age will affect your ability to work effectively. However, it is unlawful for any company to discriminate against you on the basis of age. A lawyer will be able to fiercely fight for your right so that you can be compensated for the damages that you have suffered and that your rights are protected. 


As a top-rated and experienced employment discrimination lawyer like one at Seber Bulger Law can explain, there are numerous types of harassment cases that you can experience at work. Examples of harassment include insults, mean-spirited or harmful comments, and bullying behavior. Harassment could be sexual, racial, or gender-based in nature. Harassment should never be tolerated in the workplace, and it is up to the company to make sure that any instances of harassment are addressed and fixed, as well as the necessary disciplinary action is completed.  

Lack of Disability Accommodation 

If you are a disabled person and require specific accommodations and services to be able to do your work, a company needs to provide you what you need. If they deny your request or fail to give you proper tools, equipment or other accommodations, you can take legal action against them. You can discuss your experience with a lawyer so that they can tell you what next steps that you can take. 

You do not need to tolerate any employment discrimination that you have experienced. Reach out to a top-rated employment discrimination lawyer so that you can receive the legal help you need now.