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Sex Crime Lawyer

If you’ve ever had a child ask you why you are so fat or tell an entire public restroom about how much you stink, you may consider children to be small honest humans. We hear all the time about how painfully truthful kids can be, and many of us have endured unfortunate public humiliation as a result of their lack of indiscretion. So, when a child makes an accusation of the most serious kind, it’s hard to believe it could be a lie.

The fact is, kids lie. They lie for many reasons, or sometimes, no reason at all. For each child, the reason for lying is different and situational. Children are capable of lying about major things, including making a false accusation about a sex crime. The question remains, why would a child lie about a sex crime?

The reasons children lie about a sex crime are as unique as the children themselves. Every case is different, and it is critical to get to the reason behind the allegation to truly begin to understand how to unravel it. For instance, a child may decide to make up a lie about someone because they are angry with that person. It would be important to understand what made the child angry, how the child learned how to tell the story of the accusation, and what evolution the story has made.

Not every situation arises from some sort of scheme a child has. Some lies may not even be lies at all, there may have been a misunderstanding. Children, especially young children, are not always articulate, and due to innocence or naivety, they do not always realize the implications of what they say. A well-intentioned adult may misperceive the story given by the child and assume something terrible that results in a false accusation.

On the other hand, an ill-intentioned adult may use a misunderstanding as an opportunity to make a terrible accusation, or worse—may use a child to pursue an agenda against a person. Children are very imaginative and impressionable. It is awful to think that someone would engage in the sort of life-shattering, horrific behavior required to use a child to falsely accuse an individual, but it happens.

Regardless of the reason, someone falsely accused of a sex crime against a child will require an attorney at the earliest possible time. The accusation alone can ruin someone’s life. The potential legal consequences are staggering, no matter which jurisdiction the accusation occurs in. It is critical to have a sex crime lawyer offers who is experienced and can do the necessary investigation and defend your case as best as possible.