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Personal injury cases are most often won on the proof of negligence. If someone fails to yield after a stop sign and hits you in the crosswalk, his or her negligence caused your injury. If your local barista gets distracted and doesn’t secure the lid on your coffee, causing it to fall open and burn you, his or her negligence caused your injury.

What happens when there wasn’t any real negligence on the part of the other party? What if you were injured by a product that was manufactured dangerously? What if someone wasn’t negligent at all, but their actions still caused you an injury? The following are some other bases for personal injury.

Intentional Wrongs

Intentional wrongdoing, such as committing a crime, can sometimes result in injury. The government will go after the accused criminal for his or her crime, but you can go after that same person in a personal injury lawsuit. Another scenario could include being injured by someone during a game or as the result of a practical joke. That person was just having fun, and possibly you were as well until the injury occurred. If the other person’s actions caused you an injury, you may have a personal injury case.

Strict Liability

This is an area of law that holds manufacturers and designers responsible for defective products. If you were injured because a manufacturer put something together in a dangerous way, or the designer missed an important safety feature, you could sue either of those parties. You would have to show how and why the product was produced unreasonably, but the effort would be worth the compensation and the message it would send.

Most Other Situations

In most other situations, you would have to prove negligence to have a personal injury case. This is best done by contacting a lawyer who can help you to know where to look. Your lawyer may conduct interviews and take witness statements. Your lawyer could do a little detective work to understand exactly what happened that caused your injury. After collecting all the facts, he or she will be able to determine whether you have a case.

Contacting a Lawyer to Get Started

With the law by your side, you can find a way to receive the compensation you deserve, even if you can’t prove negligence on the part of the other party. To get started with your personal injury case, contact a truck accident lawyer, today.