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Valentine’s day –  a day we celebrate with love and affection every year on February the 14th. It is a good excuse to give gifts and spend time with your loved ones. Unlike Christmas, this holiday doesn’t exactly need to be hard to shop for. It mostly consists of just chocolate and flowers. But, if you would like to spice it up a little some of the seven best gifts are:

  1. Chocolate: (again, the most obvious and stereotypical) it is also the cheapest if you’re on a budget but just as thoughtful.
  2. A gift card: unlike Christmas this one can be for anywhere depending on the person, maybe even a Starbucks one if they are huge coffee drinkers. 
  3. Heart socks- because, why not? Socks in general are great gifts but having heart shaped ones for the occasion are very nice.
  4. Candles that have a scent that is perfect for the occasion: Bath & Body works carries a lot with names like “Strawberry pound Cake” and “Fresh sheets” that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. 
  5. Build-a-Bear workshops bears: You can personalize them to have little scents or a recording of your own voice saying a cute little message. Also, they aren’t obnoxiously big like a lot of the giant Valentine’s day bears. 
  6. Roses (or any type of flowers): As stated previously, because they are considered one of the most thoughtful gifts. 
  7. Heart themed masks and hand sanitizer: Since we are still in a pandemic.

Ultimately, the best gift of all this Valentine’s day would be a nice experience with the people you love. Experiences as in a nice meal or activity where you can just be happy and together. Hopefully this list is helpful and everyone reading it has an amazing and safe Valentine’s day.

If someone you love depends on you for much of their life, it is important to have your estate planned so that they can transition easily if anything ever happens to you. It is not romantic, but an experienced estate planning lawyer in Arlington, TX from Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC will be able to assist you with this.