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Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s most parents’ worst fear that their child is being abused, neglected, or mistreated while with the caretakers that should be protecting them, and when you suspect abuse it is time to talk with a day care abuse lawyer Atlanta, GA residents rely on from Council & Associates, LLC. No matter the circumstances of the abuse you either suspect or have evidence of you could benefit from speaking with a lawyer and learning more about your options and next steps if you choose to pursue a legal claim. Meeting with a lawyer will not commit you to proceeding with a case but will give you the opportunity to ask questions, discuss your case, receive legal advice, and more. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule your consultation. 

Bruises, Cuts, Scratches, Etc.

If your child ever comes home from their daycare facility with physical signs of injury, you may need to consider that they have been abused, mistreated, or intentionally harmed. If the day care does not inform you immediately that an incident took place that may be a red flag that they are trying to hide an injury that took place. If they do not provide documentation that details the events that caused the injury you should ask for a report right away and possibly even have your child seen by a doctor for medical documentation, which could be helpful down the road if you do decide to pursue a legal case with an Atlanta day care abuse lawyer.

Emotional and Mood Swings or Changes

When abuse isn’t physical it can be harder to spot, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. If you notice that your child is suddenly having mood swings, being overly emotional for small things, more irritable than before, or other changes, this may be a sign that they are being mistreated while at daycare. Keep a journal or other documentation that keeps track of emotional changes so that it can be used later for your case or help you determine if it is simply a coincidence, and your child is just tired or having a hard time emotionally for a different reason. 

Fear of Daycare

It is normal for children to have some separation anxiety, especially if they are young or not used to being apart from their parents or usual caregiver. However, if you feel that your child has what appears to be an extreme fear or refusal to go into daycare this could be a red flag about what is happening while they are there – especially if they were fine to be dropped off previously. Children, especially young ones, often are not able to fully explain their emotions with words, but it may be a good idea to take the time to get more information from them directly even though it will take time and patience to do so.

Call a Lawyer Today

No matter what your situation is, it is typically recommended to speak with an Atlanta day care abuse lawyer about your options. Contact us today at Council & Associates, LLC to schedule your consultation!